As this year's race falls on Father's Day there will be a Father's Day Challenge - A Test Of Strength!

This activity is kindly facilitated and sponsored by Stevenage Leisure (Flitwick Leisure Centre). 

Is your Dad (or Mum!) strong enough to win the Father's Day Test Of Strength?!

The challenge is to:

1. Do as many bench presses as you can, with sacks of potatoes on each end of a 10kg barbell (approx 50kg in total), in one minute.


 2. Take a 30 second rest.

3. Do as many dead lifts with the same bar in one minute.


Your scores will be added together and you will be placed on the leaderboard! Entry fee £5 paid on the day, and you can have as many goes as you like (as long as there are no new contestants waiting!). 




Thanks to all those brave enough to enter the Father's Day Potato Test of Strength 2015, which comprised a minute of benchpressing 50kg followed by a minute of deadlifting 50kg - with the twist that sacks of potatoes were lifted instead of weight disks.

Whilst the strongest competitor on the day was Anatoli Krassavine (102 reps), the prize of three months membership at Flitwick Leisure Centre was taken by his nearest rival Steve Ball (97 reps) as Anatoli does not live locally so would be unable to make best use of the prize.

There was only 1 female entrant up for challenge this year - Sophie Harvey - who posted a very respectable result of 61 reps, but we are hoping to have a separate prize for ladies to encourage more female participants in 2016.

The organiser would like to thank Stevenage Leisure for supplying a great prize, and once again congratulate Anatoli, Steve and Sophie - can the world records be broken next year?

 Name Reps
 Anatoli Krassavine 102
 Steve Ball 97
 Joe O'Donnell 91
 Ben Rockwood 87
 Luke Foster 85
 Dean Cookham 83
 Duane Savage 71
 Rodney Smith 68
 Simon Parker 64
 Sophie Harvey * 61
 John Knight 60
 Shaun Coe 59
 Jerome Savage 49
 Andy Cullis 49
 Andrew Higgs 48
 Oliver Boutwood 46
 Steve Dodd 30
 Jake Dodd 

*Female competitors benched 30kg and dead lifted 50kg

(Male competitors lifted 50kg in both lifts)